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An AIA A305 is a contractor's qualification statement form. The contractor who completes it swears that the information they provide about their qualifications to complete a job is true. For every different specialty a contractor has and may use on a job, they must complete a separate AIA A305 form. This document also includes whether the contractor is involved in any lawsuits or claims in which they are a defendant. Contractors must also provide references and financial information as part of completing this form.

What is an AIA A305?

This document is a standard form that is approved and recommended by the American Institute of Architects ( and The Associated General Contractors of America to evaluate the qualifications of contractors.  This form is used by contractors who work in this field. It is also known as a A305 Contractor’s Qualification Statement.

In this document, a contractor swears under oath that all of the information they provide about their qualifications is true.  The first line of the document states, "The Undersigned certifies under oath that the information provided herein is true and sufficiently complete so as not to be misleading."

A contractor must provide a great deal of information on the document A305 to prove their qualifications in their field.  A contractor must state how many years their organization has been in business as a contractor. A contractor must specify whether they are a corporation, partnership, individual, joint venture, or other type of business.  Organizations that are corporations or partnerships must list the date of organization and names of officers, general partners, or principals.

A contractor should list each type of work that the contractor and their organization have experience with, as well as current licenses held by the company.  A contractor must file a separate form for each classification of work, such as: general construction, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, or other.

A contractor's qualification statement must disclose any lawsuits or claims made against the organization or contractor.   A separate sheet with more information can be included for any of the required information.

The American Institute of Architects document requires a contractor to disclose whether any officer or principal of the organization has failed to complete a construction contract within the past five years.  On a separate sheet, the contractor must also list any major current construction projects, percent complete, and scheduled completion date. The contractor must also list any major projects that were completed in the past five years.

Important aspects of the AIA document include the references and financial statements sections.  The document requires a contractor to provide trade references, bank references, and surety references.  The form also requires a financial statement, that was preferably audited. The attached financial statement should include the organization's latest balance sheet and show: current assets, net fixed assets, other assets, current liabilities, and other liabilities.


When to use an AIA A305 form

This document is used by a contractor to provide a sworn, notarized statement and appropriate attachments to provide important information about a contractor’s qualifications.

This can be useful when an owner who is preparing to request bids or to award a contract.  Before awarding a contract, an owner needs a method to verify the background, references, and financial stability of the contractors that are being considered for a construction project.  The form provides the owner with a way to verify a contractor's background, construction experience, and references for past construction work.

An owner will use the form along with the contractor's bid, the contract amount, and the estimated time frame to select the best contractor for the job.  Once an owner selects a contractor, they may use other AIA contract documents to document their agreement with the contractor, including the A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction.

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