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What is a Job Description Template?

A Job Description Template is used to create a description for an employment opportunity at a business or organization. This template will help you create an organized description of the position so that you can attract the right potential employees for the job.

The description should list the name of the employer as well as the contact information for the job position. Information such as essential job duties, education or experience requirements, preferred skills, and salary should be included. This template will ensure that this information is organized in an easy to read manner. In order to appear professional, every job description should be proofread carefully.

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Contents of a Job Description

contents of a job description

A job description template is a key tool to have in your arsenal, whether you're hiring new employees, writing a corporate manual, or preparing to pitch your business to potential shareholders. Sure, you can type up each job description form individually, but it is more practical, time-efficient and professional to have an over-arching formula. Plus, creating a template is simple and absolutely free. Job descriptions should contain the following basic elements -

Basic Stuff

This includes the job title, payscale, projected hours, and the position to which the applicant would report.


This can be one or two sentences. It describes the function of the position in the grand scheme of things. For example -

The Cafe Manager is responsible for training, overseeing and disciplining all members of cafe staff, as well as ensuring maintaining a functional, smooth-running workplace.

General Requirements

Here, list qualifications the applicant must possess in order to be considered. This should include the required level of schooling, basic skills (such as the ability to lift up to 50 pounds), and special skills or training.

Special Requirements

If the job in question involves unusual privations, such as severely heavy lifting or exposure to extreme temperatures, this information should be provided under the header " Special Requirements ."

Overview of Duties/Responsibilities

This is the lengthiest section of the job description. You should only list tasks that comprise the majority of the job. Tasks should be listed in order of importance/time-consumption. For example -

- Daily management of employees

- Coordinating inventory, ordering and stocking

- Communicating with and maintaining good relationships with suppliers and distributors

- Preparing and delivering quarterly reports to Corporate