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A cease and desist slander and libel letter is used to demand that the recipient stop spreading false information. Libel is false information that is published in written form. Slander is false information that is spoken. Generally, a cease and desist slander and libel letter demands that the behavior stop immediately. This letter should include details about the occurrences of misinformation as well as explain what may happen if the recipient does not comply.

What is a Cease and Desist Letter (Slander)?

A cease and desist letter is used to stop a party from continuing a certain activity. This letter will be used for any actions that involve defamation, slander, or libel. A cease and desist letter such as this should include specific details about the false statements that are defaming, slandering, or libeling the sender.

A cease and desist letter is a formal request to stop another party from making harmful statements that may be damaging to your personal reputation.  The letter also lets the party know that you will undertake appropriate legal action if they do not stop slander and libel immediately.

Other Names

In the context of slander, other names for a cease and desist letter include:

  • Demand Letter;
  • Violation Letter; and
  • Takedown Letter

Types of Defamation

There are two types of defamation:

  1. Slander
  2. Libel

State laws vary with regards to how these two terms are exactly defined within their jurisdictions. But in general, slander is a form of defamation in which someone verbally makes an untrue statement about another person and as a result, harm is done to that person’s reputation and or livelihood. Libel, on the other hand, is the act of making defamatory statements about another person in writing, such as in a newspaper or magazine articles.

In most cases, those accused of defamation, be it slander or libel, may be brought to trial in a civil court where they can be held liable to pay damages to the victim.  A court can also grant a cease and desist order. A few states even allow those who are accused of defamation to be criminally prosecuted, however, these case are very rare.

If you have questions as to whether conduct constitutes slander or libel, you should seek legal advice.  A law firm that specializes in slander and libel will be able to answer your legal questions and help you file a defamation action if it becomes necessary.

How to write a cease and desist slander and libel letter

When writing a cease and desist letter, it is important that you stay with the tried and true method of effective cease and desist letter writing. Follow these steps to write your cease and desist letter:

Step 1 – Select a template from our library.

Step 2 – Enter the name and address information of the sender and the date the document is being drafted.

Step 3 – Enter the recipient's name followed by the party whose is being defamed.

Step 4 – Enter the State in which the defamed party resides followed by a written demonstration of the defamatory statements that are being made and that have lead to this letter being drafted.

Step 5 –  Enter the amount of time (in days) that the recipient has to reply. Be precise.

Step 6 – To complete the document, the defamed party's legal counsel must sign their name in the space allotted.

When your letter is completer, send it certified mail, return receipt requested.

Sample Cease and Desist for Slander and Libel Letter


Sample Cease and Desist for Slander and Libel Letter

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