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Cohabitation Agreement: What Is It?

A cohabitation agreement is a contract between two parties that will be living together. This agreement could be applied to couple who is not married. This contract will detail the responsibilities of each party as it relates to certain aspects of living together.

This agreement may cover who will pay certain bills, who will take care of child support, who retains assets, and more. These details are in place in case the cohabitation between two people does not work out. The contract protects both parties from disputes in the future.

A cohabitation agreement is a legally binding contract, so it is important to consider all the details that may need to be included in the agreement before it is signed. In addition to the basic aspects of cohabitation, consider any personal assets or transactions that should be included in the contract as well.

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What Is a Cohabitation Agreement?

what is a cohabitation agreement Around the world, more and more couples are choosing to live together, sometimes for years, before they decide to get married. In fact, over time, it has become more and more socially acceptable for couples to live together without ever becoming officially married. In these instances, the individuals may find themselves without some of the clarifications and protections that marriage does provide. A cohabitation agreement can help to fill some of these gaps, establishing healthy rules and guidelines for the length of the cohabitation and in case of its dissolution.

A cohabitation agreement template is a good idea for any couple, whether they are heterosexual or homosexual. The household’s financial responsibilities will be divided up and outlined as agreed upon by both parties. This can include the payment of rent or a mortgage payment, utilities and grocery expenses. The cohabitation agreement template will also clarify which possession belong to whom, and if that ownership will be retained fully in the event of a break up.

The cohabitation agreement can address other issues that might arise after a break-up. These often overlooked, but important, issues can have a serious financial and emotional impact on both parties. For instance, if you are in a lease or are buying a home together, who will be responsible for the remainder of the rent, or for selling the home? Will one party be allowed to remain in the home, and how will rent or mortgage payments be handled in that instance? A review of free cohabitation agreement templates online reveals a number of other problems that can arise. If a pet is brought into the home, who will take responsibility of that animal if a break-up occurs? How will items jointly purchased during the cohabitation be divided?

Once you’ve reviewed some free cohabitation agreement forms, it’s a good idea for you and your partner to sit down and discuss some of the issues listed in them. How do each of you feel about the respective items that are usually dealt with in a cohabitation agreement? Formulating a detailed cohabitation agreement can be a little uncomfortable for some.

It’s important to remember that you are not dooming the relationship or planning for its failure by using a cohabitation agreement. Instead, you are protecting both yourself and your loved one in case unforeseen circumstances arise. The ability to form a thorough and cohesive cohabitation agreement actually demonstrates the strength of a relationship , as personal feelings and goals regarding the cohabitation are put to paper.