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A complaint letter is a document written by someone who is unhappy with a good, service, or behavior provided by a business or person. Generally, it is written by a consumer to express their dissatisfaction with the good or service. It should include a detailed account of the problem and request that the other party do something to solve it. Although the letter is used to express displeasure, it should be written in a professional manner and should not resort to using any sort of insults or curse words.

Complaint Letter: What Is It?

A complaint letter is a formal letter typically written by a consumer in response to a negative experience with a product or service. The letter should be professional in nature and must include as much information about the situation as possible. It can then be sent to the corporation, business, or customer service agency.

This type of letter should include information about the specific product or service that the consumer had a problem with. The issue should be specifically outlined so that the company can recognize the problem and address it. If desired, the consumer can request a specific action be taken, such as a replacement or refund.

It is important to retain a formal, professional style in a complaint letter. This can be difficult, as many people are angry due to their negative experience. Try to remain calm and avoid using curse words and insults in your letter. This will ensure the letter is taken seriously by the company. It can also help to get your issue resolved more easily.

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Sample Complaint Letter

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