Corporate Resolution Form

A corporate resolution form is used by a board of directors. Its purpose is to provide written documentation that a business is authorized to take specific action. This form is most often used by limited liability companies, s-corps, c-corps, and limited liability partnerships. Corporate resolutions may be legally binding.

What Is a Corporate Resolution?

A corporate resolution is an action taken by a corporation. It’s generally done via a legal document that is voted on by the board of directors for the corporation. Corporate resolutions can cover practically anything. Some industries may require corporate resolutions to take certain actions so that they comply properly with federal or state law.  Writing corporate resolutions every time limited liability companies, S-corporations, C-corps, or limited liability partnerships make decisions creates a legal record that may be useful in the future.

When Should You Use a Corporate Resolution?

You should use a corporate resolution if you need to document a major decision made during a board meeting or a meeting of the shareholders. Common uses include voting in a new board member, hiring a new employee, selling shares of stock, opening a new corporate bank account, or other major corporate decisions. They’re also commonly used in the banking and securities industry for various reasons. It’s important that you know whether state or federal laws require you to take corporate action for specific reasons. Knowing this information will help your corporation remain in compliance.

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Sample Corporate Resolution

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