DA Form 2404 Form

A fillable DA Form 2404 is a US Army document used to record maintenance and inspection of equipment. It is also known as an Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet. All inspections and maintenance performed on US Army equipment. It documents information about the equipment being inspected, the problems with the equipment, and what must be done. This document is signed by the maintenance professional, and a copy of it is kept as a record.

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What is a DA Form 2404?

A DA Form 2404 will be used by the Department of the Army. It is an Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet. It will be used to keep a record of any inspections carried out on equipment that is used by the Armed Forces. It will also list the condition of the equipment and any maintenance that is done on it.
The form will need to list the specific item being inspected. Then, any issues or deficiencies with the equipment must be listed, as well as what actions are going to be taken to fix it. A maintenance professional must sign this form as well as initial it when repairs have been completed. This form should be kept as a record of equipment inspections and repairs.

How to complete a DA Form 2404 (Step by Step)

To complete a DA Form 2404, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Organization
  • Nomenclature and model
  • Registration/Serial/NSN
  • Miles
  • Hours
  • Rounds fired
  • HOT starts
  • Date
  • Type inspection
  • Applicable reference: TM number, TM date, TM number, TM date
  • Signature of person performing the inspection
  • Time
  • Signature of maintenance supervisor
  • Time
  • Man Hours required
  • For each item:
    • TM Item number
    • Status
      • X - deficiency that places equipment in inoperable status
      • Circled X - deficiency where the equipment may be operated under specific limitations as directed by higher authority or as prescribed locally until corrective action can be accomplished
      • Horizontal dash - a required inspection, component replacement, maintenance operation check, or test flight is due but has not been accomplished, or an overdue MWO has not been accomplished
      • Diagonal - material defect other than a deficiency which must be corrected to make an item completely serviceable
      • Last name initial in black, blue-black ink, or pencil - completely satisfactory condition exists
      • For aircrafts - status symbols must be recorded in red
    • Deficiencies and shortcomings
    • Corrective action
    • Initial when corrected

Sample DA Form 2404

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Sample DA Form 2404

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