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The DS Form 82, also known as an Application for a Passport by Mail, will be used by someone who needs to renew their passport and wants to do it through mail instead of online.

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Ds 82: What Is It?

A DS Form 82 is used by the United States Department of State. This form is an Application for a Passport by Mail. It will be used by someone who needs to renew their passport and wants to do it through mail instead of online.

In order to use the DS Form 82, you must have a valid passport that you can include with your application. It must have been issued in the last 15 years, when you were at least 16 or older, and have your current name on it. Otherwise you will need to apply for a new passport.

In addition to your passport, you will also need to include a new passport photo with the form. You will also need to include the passport processing fees. Failure to include these items will result in your application taking a long time to process, or it may be returned completely.

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Contents of a DS-82

contents of a ds-82

One of the most trying things about official government documents is that they don't last forever. You jump through all sorts of hoops to obtain the paperwork you need, time passes, and guess what? You have to do it all over again. The DS-82 is a prime example of one of these frustrating do-overs. A U.S. citizen fills out a DS-82 form when he or she needs to renew a passport . The DS-82 is not a long form, nor is it particularly baroque, but it is tedious. It's easy to take one look at all those boxes and questions and have one's eyes glaze over. For this reason, we've gone ahead and invented a sort of "cruelty-free" DS-82 version. Below is a basic DS-82 template, with each section described in detail.

Passport or Passport Card?

At the top of the DS-82 is a section asking that you specify the document you are applying for. US citizens can either renew a passport or a passport card. A passport is more universally accepted, but it can take longer and generally costs more. A passport card is less expensive, but is not accepted at every border.

Information About the Person Completing the Form

This information may be the same as the applicant information that follows. However, in many cases a parent will be filling out a DS-82 form for a minor, so this information will be different.

The information required includes full legal name, date and place of birth, social security number, contact information (such as email address and phone number) and mailing address. You'll also need to provide any other names you have used in an official manner, such as maiden names or publicly recognized pseudonyms.

This sums up page one. At the bottom, you'll need to sign and date the form to legally approve it.

Information About the Applicant

Page two of the DS-82 asks for basic information about the applicant. As we mentioned, some of this may overlap with the info provided on page one, but just roll with it. Page two goes into more depth - height, hair color and eye color are all asked for, as are details about employment and/or education. There is also a section requesting emergency contact information - an important touchstone if you run into trouble while abroad. Finally, you must describe, briefly, your travel plans, so that the passport agency can confirm you are applying for the correct document.

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