Employment Certification Letter Form

An employment certification letter is used to verify that an individual works for a certain company. Also known as an employment verification form, financial institutions and landlords may request proof of employment from the individual seeking out a loan or completing an application to rent an apartment or house. Generally, this letter includes the position held by the employee, how long they've worked for the company, whether they work full or part time, and the amount they earn during a pay period.

Employment Certification Letter: What Is It?

An employment certification letter is also known as an employment verification letter. This letter is a document that will demonstrate an individual’s current employment status. Banks or financial lending companies may request an employment certification letter in order to verify a party’s current employment status and earnings.

This letter may also be requested for certain government benefits such as food stamps or welfare. It may also be requested by a potential employer in order to verify that the applying party has previous experience in the job field.

An employment certification letter is typically completed by the individual’s supervisor. A signed authorization must be completed in order for the information to be shared with the other party. The person who is writing the letter should include specific information regarding the employment, including the start date, job title, and current salary. 

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Sample Employment Certification Letter

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