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A flowchart template is used by individuals and businesses who need to create a flowchart. Common uses of a flowchart template include explaining workflow, documenting an organizational chart, showing a family tree, or explaining cause and effect.

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Flowcharts are used for a variety of reasons, but they can be confusing to put together if you’ve never made one. Relax! We’re here to help. Our top-rated flowchart tool can help you design a professional looking flowchart in five minutes.

What Is a Flowchart?

A flowchart is a diagram that maps out a sequence of events related to an objective. It takes data and presents it to viewers in a graphical context. Each step toward the objective is represented by a visual cue. Flowcharts can be extremely simple or they can be used to display complex decision trees. How complex your flowchart should be will ultimately be determined by your overall goal and who will use the flowchart.

Common Uses for Flowcharts

Flowcharts can be used by any industry since the purpose is to provide a visual map on how a certain action is performed or how a certain goal will be met. Common uses of flowcharts include:

  • Laying out a workflow
  • Creating an organizational chart
  • Family trees / genograms
  • Documenting customer service operation workflow

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Flow Chart

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Sample Flowchart


Sample Flowchart

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