Form Ma 1099 Hc

Form MA 1099-HC, Individual Mandate for Massachusetts Health Care Coverage, is a form that is used during the process of filing state taxes. Both full and part time residents are required to complete this form each tax year to prove that they meet the requirement for minimum healthcare coverage. If the taxpayer doesn't have the minimum amount of coverage, they may be penalized.

What is an MA 1099 HC?

A Form MA 1099-HC will be used by the state of Massachusetts for health care and coverage purposes. This form is known as the Individual Mandate for Massachusetts Health Care Coverage. It is used for tax filing purposes, and must be filed by all full-time residents and some part-time residents of the state. The form ensures that all residents of Massachusetts meet the requirements for minimum health care coverage.
You will need to include your personal information, the information for your family and dependents, and whether or not you met the minimum requirements. If you didn’t meet the requirements for health coverage, you can calculate whether you owe a penalty. You can also request an exemption or file an appeal. 

How to complete an MA 1099 HC (Step by Step)

To complete an MA 1099-HC, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name of insurance company or administrator
  • FID number of insurance company or administrator
  • Name of subscriber
  • Date of birth
  • Subscriber number
  • Street address
  • Full-year minimum creditable coverage or indication of months with coverage
  • List of dependents and coverage status

Sample Form Ma 1099 Hc


Sample Form Ma 1099 Hc

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