Opm Form 71

An OPM Form 71 i sused by the US Office of Personnel (OPM). Federal employees submit this form to request leave. Better known as a Request for Leave or Approved Absence, employees provide more information about the type of leave they need to take and whether they will use any accrued time off.

What is an OPM Form 71?

An OPM-71 form is used by the United States Office of Personnel Management.  This form is known as a Request for Leave or Approved Absence. This standard form is used by federal employees to obtain a leave or approved absence from work.  This form can usually be obtained online at a company website or from the human resources department.

On this form, the employee must detail what kind of leave they want to take.  This could be sick leave (your own serious health condition or that of a loved one), personal leave, or a leave related to bereavement.  The employee should list whether or not they will be using any accrued leave or sick time. They could also indicate that it is going to be leave without pay.  After submitting the OPM-71 form, it will be approved or rejected by the supervisor.

How to Fill out an OPM Form 71

You can download a PDF file of the form or fill it out online.

  1. Fill out your contact information: Names (last, first, middle), Employee or Social Security Number (SSN) or Tax Identification Number, Name of your Organization
  2. Specify the type of leave/absence (check appropriate box): Accrued Annual Leave, Restored Annual Leave, Advance Annual Leave, Accrued Sick Leave, Advanced Sick Leave, Compensatory Time Off, Leave Without Pay, Other Paid Absence
  3. Specify the dates of your requested leave
  4. Specify the purpose for your requested leave
  5. Indicate whether the leave request is under the Family and Medical Leave Act (for birth/adoption/foster care, serious health condition, serious health condition of close family member
  6. Certify that the leave request is for the purpose that was indicated on the form
  7. Add employee signature and date
  8. Attach necessary documentation (including relevant records from your medical/dental/optical examination)
  9. Submit the form

Sample Opm Form 71


Sample Opm Form 71

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