Real Estate Purchase Agreement Form

A real estate purchase agreement may be a legally binding form used during a real estate transaction. It can be used for either a residential or commercial property. Since this is a contract between the buyer and the seller, it's very important that the parties understand the terms before they sign the agreement.

Real Estate Purchase Agreement: What Is It?

A real estate purchase agreement is used in real estate transactions where someone will be buying a new or previously owned property. This could be residential or commercial property. The agreement will be a legal contract for the buying and selling parties, so all the information should be double checked for accuracy.

The purchase agreement will include information about the transaction and the property being purchased. This includes the address of the property and the purchase price. Contact information for each party will also be needed. If the real estate purchase agreement is being reviewed by an attorney, this should also be included in the legal document.

This kind of real estate agreement can be used when someone is building a new home or purchasing a previously owned home. The information needed on the contact may vary depending on the individual real estate transaction.

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Sample Real Estate Purchase Agreement


Sample Real Estate Purchase Agreement

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