Salon Business Plan

FormSwift's 2015 Summer Scholarship asked college students across the country to come up with a sample business plan for one of five categories: Bakery, Restaurant, Salon, Personal Training and Trucking. We chose the best sample business plan for each category, and one scholarship winner.

Henna Hands

Founder experience: I am a self-taught technique oriented artist, that can do traditional Indian Henna and customize to clients desires.

One of my strengths is working fast and accurately. Have worked long hours at wedding orders for Bridal Henna and guests. Work from home and cater to your locations

Price Rates

  • Small tattoo (Symbol/word): $5
  • Whole hand (1 Side): $7 – $10
  • Extending below wrist: $15 – $20
  • Whole arm: $25


12 cones per box cost $5, allowing me to do 144 sides of the hand with max profit of $1,435

Consumer Demographics

As shown, the majority of my business will be coming from young females. I'll have to learn to personalize tattoos more, make small chit chat, and post on social media to attract the attention of youngsters.

Social Media

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FormSwift provides a $1,000 scholarship opportunity to students. To be considered, students submit a business plan idea in a specific category. This free salon business plan and infographic showcases the work of one of our top entries. When you download this free salon business plan, you'll learn more than the five key components of a solid business plan. You'll also have an example of how each section should be completed. In addition, you will have sections for demographics, price, and how you can incorporate social media into your marketing. Download your free salon business plan and bookmark FormSwift's other highly valuable, online business documents!

The Core Elements to Building a Successful Business Plan


  1. Cover Sheet

    • Business Logo
    • Company name, address, phone number
    • Name of people creating plan
    • Date of plan's creation
    • Sum up in a paragraph the two main objectives for the business
  2. Mission Statement

    • Sum up in a paragraph or two the main objectives of the business.
    • It should be concise and answer the following: Why does your business exist? What special services, skills or approaches make you stand out from your competitors? What will your business' public image be? What do you want for your customers?
  3. Marketing Overview

    • Describe target market (group of customers you sell to)
    • Illustrate present or future competition
    • Relate what edge your product has in the existing market
  4. Business Summary

    • Include essential background information and structure of business.
    • Description of Business’ Legal Entity
    • Descriptive overview of products or services offered
    • Overview of business assets and future projections
    • Any specifications in regards to the business location
    • Other miscellaneous facets of business:
      • record-keeping
      • security
      • insurance
  5. Marketing Strategy

    • Describe the marketing campaign that will be undertaken.
      • Include market entry plan (if a new company)
      • Role of location in marketing methods
      • Pricing strategy
    • Plan for distributing products/services.
    • Provide a summary of industry trends and advanced planning through a SWOT analysis.
  6. Management Structure

    • Description of how the company is organized
      • What are the job titles?
      • What are the responsibilities of each position?
      • The people chosen for relevant positions (if applicable)
  7. Financial Overview

    • Sum up your business' financial requirements.
    • Provide a statement describing your funding sources and how you intend to apply said funds.
    • Describe your budget.
    • Provide a three-year income projection and a break-even analysis graph.
    • Provide statements reflecting past performance.
    • Provide a balance sheet with a summary conclusion section
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