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A service agreement may be a legally binding contract between parties. One party is the individual or company providing a service and the other party is the individual or company receiving the service. It outlines the details as to what sort of service is being provided, the fee for the service, and other pertinent information. A service agreement may be a legally binding contract. You should read it and make sure you understand it before you sign it.

What is a service agreement?

A service agreement is a contract between two parties. One party is the customer or client and the other party is the service provider. This agreement will state the various details of the transaction and it will describe what the parties are responsible for.

Some of the sections on this agreement include information about pricing, ownership, repairs, and refunds. It is important to include all the sections that you have information for in order to protect the transaction.

A service agreement is important for transactions as it can help protect both the buyer and seller from lawsuits. It should be used for transactions big and small. If you need advice about creating a service agreement, seek legal counsel.

What is a service level agreement?

A service level agreement is a separate contract that exists between a supplier and customer within their service agreement.  The service level agreement defines the level of service that can be expected from the service provider. This could include details about the volume and quality of the work or the speed that it will be completed.  The purpose of this agreement to to ensure that the parties have a clear understanding about the level of service that will be provided.

Other Names

  • Consulting Services Agreement
  • General Service Contract
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Master Service Agreement (MSA)
  • Service-Level Agreement (SLA)

When should I use a service agreement between two parties?

You should use a professional service agreement if you are a service provider who plans to perform a service for a client and would like to protect your interests and ensure that you are paid.  This document ensures your legal right to receive payment. You may want to include pay rate, insurance information, and other important information.

If you are a client, a service agreement is helpful to establish the exact details of the entire agreement with the service provider, including compensation, and duties.  This agreement also helps you to protect your confidential information and intellectual property.

Legal Considerations

This services agreement is subject to all applicable laws.

Customer Obligations

The customer will agree to cooperate with the service provider.  This may include providing necessary equipment and materials and ensuring that the appropriate permissions and permits are obtained.  The customer must ensure that the service provider has access to the premises and that they are aware of any health and safety laws.

Changing the service rate

It is up to the parties to decide whether they will allow changes to the rate.  Any change to the rate will require notice. Typically a contract will specify a period of time during which rates cannot be changed and a maximum amount that the rate can be increased.

Limiting Liability

The parties can also choose to limit their liability.  Terms that specify maximum liability must be reasonable to be enforceable.  The limits that a court will find to be reasonable with depend on the sort of services that are being provided, the potential to cause damage, and the amount that is standard in the marketplace.

Terminating the agreement

A service agreement may be terminated by giving written notice to the other party as specified in the agreement.  A non-breaching party can terminate the agreement at any time if the other party commits a material breach of the agreement.

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