SF-15 Form

An SF-15 form is used by federal agencies and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) to determine if an applicant meets the requirements to receive a 10 point veteran preference. Only veterans or relatives of veterans may complete this form and submit it for consideration during their job application process. If you're a disabled veteran, that information should also be documented because it may also help you gain access to other benefits.

What is a SF 15?

A SF-15 form is used by various federal agencies and the Office of Personnel Management. It will verify whether a person is eligible for veteran's benefits. This form has been used since the Veterans' Preference Act was enacted in 1944.
A veteran will be the one who fills out the form. They will use it to apply for various veterans' preferences for things like employment. The veteran will need to list what kind of preference they are applying for. This could be for direct eligibility, the spouse of a military veteran, or a veteran's widow.
Veterans must meet certain qualifications in order to be eligible for veterans' preference. They must be a military retiree, or they must have been honorably or generally discharged. Disabled veterans need to include this information as well, as they may be eligible for more benefits.

How to complete a SF 15 (Step by Step)

To complete a form SF-15, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Name 
  • Address
  • Veteran’s name
  • Period of service
  • Date separated or released from active duty
  • Indication of type of preference claimed
    • Non-compensable service-connected disability, award of the Purple Heart, or receipt of disability pension
    • Compensable service-connected disability of 10% or more
    • Living veteran’s spouse based on fact that veteran, because of a service-connected disability, has been unable to qualify for a Federal Government job or any other position
    • Veteran’s widow or widower
    • Mother of veteran who has a service-connected disability that is permanent and totally disabling, or who is deceased provided you are or were married to the veteran’s father and your husband is totally and permanently disabled, you are widowed divorced, or separated from the veteran’s father and have not remarried, or you are widowed or divorced from the veteran’s father and have remarried, but are now widowed, divorced, or separated from your husband of your remarriage
  • Whether the veteran is currently working
  • Current occupation
  • Occupation before military service
  • Military occupation at time of separation
  • Whether veteran has been employed by the Federal civil service of D.C. Government
  • Title and grade of position most recently or currently held
  • Name and address of agency
  • Dates of employment
  • Whether veteran resigned from, was disqualified for, or separated from a position in the Federal civil service of D.C. Government along the lines of his or her usual occupation because of a service-connected disability
  • Whether the veteran is receiving a civil service retirement pension

Sample SF-15 Form


Sample SF-15 Form

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