Wedding Seating Chart Form

A Wedding seating chart is a physical diagram or organized chart that shows where each guest will be sitting at a wedding reception. This chart is often laid out to depict the format of the tables at the reception for easy reference. For larger receptions, these charts can be laid out in list form. A wedding chart will often identify the table that the guest is sitting at, and the name of the guests that will be sitting at each table. Wedding seating charts may also contain notes to further help organization. These notes may contain important details like food allergies, food orders, or drink specifications.

Wedding Seating Chart: What Is It?

Planning a wedding is stressful. From sorting out the guest list to choosing the right dress and location, money and sanity tend to slip away at a rapid rate. Our wedding seating chart is designed to ease the financial and emotional burden of wedding planning by providing you with a simple, yet elegant template that you can edit, share, download, and print. Within minutes you can plan out multiple seating arrangements, complete with names and notes for each seat and table. In short, our tool will save you time and money to plan for what really matters...Your Honeymoon!

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Wedding Seating Chart

Sample Wedding Seating Chart


Sample Wedding Seating Chart

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