Af Form 24

An AF Form 24 is a document used by the United States Air Force. Also known as an Application for Appointment as Reserve of the Air Force or USAF Without Component, the document is used by an Airman to request a transfer from active duty to reserve status. This form should not be used to apply for the Air National Guard.

What is a AF Form 24?


An AF Form 24 is used by the Air Force. It is known as an Application for Appointment as Reserve of the Air Force or USAF without Component. It will be used to determine whether or not a person meets the qualifications to qualify as a Reserve or a member without component.

A lot of personal information is needed for this form in order to check the qualifications. Full name, address, birthdate, and social security number will be needed.  Information about education and military service will also be required. Include as much information as possible, as leaving out important info could result in the application being denied or the process of qualification being terminated.  Be sure you are filling out the current issue of the form because previous editions are obsolete.

This is not the correct form to apply for Air National Guard (ANG).

Privacy Act Statement Disclosures: The authority for this form is provided by 10 U.S.C. 591, Reserve Components Qualifications and Executive Order 9397.  The information that you provide on the form may be disclosed outside the Department of Defense (DOD) as a routine use pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(b)(3). The OMB control number is 0701-0096.

How to complete a AF Form 24 (Step by Step)


You must complete two copies of the form and use a typewriter or print clearly in ink.  You should sign each copy separately.


To complete a AF Form 24, you need to provide:

  • Under the form title, you should indicate whether you are completing the form for: appointment as an air force reserve member, federal recognition and appointment as a reserve member of the air force, appointment as a USAF member without component
  • Indication of who the form is to
  • Specialty
  • Indication of who the form is from
  • SSN
  • Date of Birth
  • Home of record
  • Place of birth
  • Marital status
  • Family members
  • U.S. Citizenship

  • Whether you have ever received severance pay, separation pay, or readjustment pay, or voluntary separation incentive or special separation benefit pay when released from active duty or discharged from any uniformed services
  • Whether you have previously made application an been rejected for commissioning by any component of the uniformed services
  • Whether you ever applied for a commission or position with any branch of the armed services or federal government
  • Chronological job history for civilian employment
  • Whether you have even been involved, arrested, indicted or convicted for any violation of civil or military law
  • Whether you have even been convicted of a DUI or alcohol-related offense
  • Whether you are a conscientious objector
  • Whether you are or have ever been affiliated with an organization or movement that seeks to alter the government by unconstitutional means or sympathetically associated with such organization or members
  • Whether there are any other unfavorable incidents in your life which you may believe reflect upon your loyalty to the United States government or your ability to perform the duties which you may be called upon to undertake
  • Whether you have state or federal bar examination licenses - for health care practitioners and judge advocate applicants only
  • AFOQT scores
  • Printed name
  • Signature
  • Date
  • Additional comments or explanations
    • Indication that you have read and understand HQ USAFRS FS
    • Indication that you have been briefed on and understand:
      • Shipment of household goods is dependent upon receipt of active duty orders and availability of a common carrier arranged through a local military Traffic Management Office
      • If you receive active duty orders less than 30 days from entering active duty, you may not be able to ship household goods prior to departure for training at Maxwell/Gunter Air Force Base, Alabama, or permanent duty station.  If this causes an undue hardship, a change to reporting date may be requested.
      • If you need to return to current residence to ship household goods or pickup family members, you are responsible for own travel expenses and additional time taken will  be charged as leave.

Sample Af Form 24


Sample Af Form 24

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