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A fillable DA 31 is used by US Army members to request leave from their post. It is also known as a Request and Authority for Leave. Generally, a fillable DA 31 is used when someone wishes to use some of their vacation leave or must attend to a family emergency. This form collects certain personal information for the soldier, including how they may be reached if necessary.

What is a DA 31?

A DA 31 form is used by the Department of the Army. The form is a Request and Authority for Leave form that a member of the Army must use if they want to request leave. This could be a personal leave such as for traveling or vacations, or an emergency leave due to family medical treatment or other emergency situations.
The DA Form 31 requires personal information including name, address, U.S. Army rank, social security number, and where the member is currently stationed. It will also ask for detailed information about the requested leave, such as how many days it will be and who else will be traveling with you.
Based on the information provided on this form, a soldier's military leave will be denied or approved. You can help to get your leave approved by providing as much information as possible about your leave. Neglecting to include all required information could result in your request being denied.
Its routine uses include: to authorize leave, record the start and stop of such leave, record address and phone where soldier may be contacted in case of an emergency , and certify leave days chargeable to a soldier's leave account

How to complete a DA 31 (Step by Step)

To complete a DA 31 Request and Authority for Leave, you need to provide:

  • Control number
  • Name
  • Social security number (SSN)
  • RankĀ 
  • Date
  • Leave address
  • Type of leave: ordinary, emergency, permissive tdy, other
  • Orgn, duty station, and telephone number
  • Number of days leave accrued, requested, advanced, excess
  • Dates of leave
  • Signature of requestor
  • Supervisor recommendation
  • Signature and title of approving authority
  • Departure: date, time, name/title/signature of departure authority
  • Extension: number days leave, date approve, name/title/signature of approval authority
  • Return: date, time, name/title/signature of return authority
  • Remarks
  • Emergency leave transportation and travel
    • Instructions for scheduling return transportation
    • Departed unit
    • Arrived APOD
    • Arrived APOE
    • Arrived home unit
  • Dependent travel authorization information
    • Type of travel
    • Dependentsā€™ name, relationship, dates of birth, passport number
  • Authentication for travel authorization
    • Designation and location of headquarters
    • Accounting citation
    • Date issued
    • Travel order number
    • Order authorizing official

Sample Da 31 Form


Sample Da 31 Form

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