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A boat bill of sale is documentation sellers of boats use to physically record the selling of their product(s) to a customer.

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Sample Boat Bill of Sale

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Boat Bill of Sale Information

Alternate Names:

  • Proof of Purchase
  • Proof of Sale
  • Sale Slip
  • Sale Receipt
  • Proof of Payment

Boat Bill of Sale Description

A Bill of Sale is documentation sellers of boats use to physically record the selling of their product(s) to a customer. Alternatively, the boat bill of sale also acts as a receipt for the buyer of the boat. This document generally includes seller information, details about the goods, location of the sale, price, buyer details and method of payment.

Both buyer and seller should sign the Bill of Sale and each keep a copy as proof of purchase or proof of payment. This happens upon full payment being made, at which time the boat changes ownership from seller to buyer.

This document explicitly disclaims any pre-existing warranties relating to the quality of the boat. In this sense, the bill of sale differs from a Sales Agreement, which is a contract containing more specific terms and warranties.

This ‘as-is’ clause is an important element of a Bill of Sale document. The phrase refers to the boat being sold in its current condition and implies that the buyer accepts the boat as it is, including any potential or apparent faults. This caveat protects the seller from any subsequent request for a refund from the buyer because of any issues arising after receiving and paying for the boat. For instance, subsequent transportation undertaken by the buyer to take it to its eventual moorings may result in damage, which the seller is not responsibility for.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the documentation requirements for boat ownership?

    • The ownership of the vessel must be proven with a Bill of Sale, which includes details outlined in the description above. U.S. citizenship is required for registration. If seeking endorsement, eligibility criteria apply.

  2. What is build evidence for

    • If using a boat in fisheries or coastal trade, evidence that the vessel was built in the U.S. is required.

  3. How can build evidence be established?

    • Build evidence requires submission of a CG-1261 Builder's Certification form. This is completed by whoever constructs, oversees construction, or an official representative of the company building the vessel, who has examined company records to verify the facts of building the vessel. The Original Builder's Certification must accompany any build evidence submission. Copies are not accepted.

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