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A corporate bylaws are rules and procedures that a business uses in the course of operations. By documenting its corporate bylaws, a business can better ensure consistency and continuity in its business practices. Corporate bylaws are generally reviewed and amended every few years. They are also known as company or corporation bylaws.

What are Corporate Bylaws?

Corporate bylaws are used by a business or corporation. They are a rule or law that is specific to the company or organization. Bylaws ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the expectations of the company and how the organization will be run.

A document outlining corporate bylaws should include the name of the organization, their purpose or mission statement, and their location. The members of the organization or the board of directors is also typically listed on a bylaws document. This is important, as these people are usually the ones enforcing the bylaws. The bylaws should be maintained as a part of a company's corporate records.

Finally, the bylaws should be listed. They should be very specific. This ensures that everyone knows the specific rules and how to follow them. Typically, bylaws should be reviewed and amended as necessary every 5 years.

Corporate bylaws are also known as Bylaws or Company Bylaws or Corporation Bylaws.

Corporate Bylaws vs. Articles of Incorporation

Articles of Incorporation state the basic structure of a company.  They will typically include information about the person organizing the corporation, the number of share the corporation can issue, the names of the members of the Board of Directors, and the location of the corporation. Articles of Incorporation are filed with the state.

Corporate bylaws are an internal document that lays out the rules and day-to-day operations for a corporation.  Bylaws are specific to each organization, but typically include: an organization’s name, purpose, and location, board members, board of directors, committees, corporate officers, meetings, conflicts of interest, and amending bylaws. Bylaws typically do not need to be filed with the state.

Legal Considerations for Corporate Bylaws

Corporate bylaws are subject to state specific laws. Many states specify that a board must adopt bylaws. The contents of the bylaws are up to the individual corporation. If you have questions about your state's laws, you should seek legal advice.

When do corporate bylaws come into effect?

Corporate bylaws are usually adopted by the Board of Directors at their first meeting. The bylaws will guide the company’s internal decision-making throughout its existence.

Can corporate bylaws be amended?

A corporation’s bylaws can be amended.  Usually, the process to amend bylaws is explained within the bylaws themselves. Amended corporate bylaws generally involves proposing changes during a scheduled board of directors meeting and holding a vote. Any changes to a corporation’s bylaws should be officially documented within the written bylaws.

Nonprofit Bylaws

If your organization or business happens to be a non-profit, utilize our nonprofit bylaws template.

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Sample What Are Corporate Bylaws

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