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Non-profit bylaws are followed by certain companies and businesses.

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Sample Non-Profit Bylaws

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What are Non-Profit Bylaws?

Non-profit bylaws are followed by certain companies and businesses. These bylaws help to prevent disorganization and corruption within a company, and they should be clearly outlined in a company rulebook and employee handbook. This ensures all employees within the company are aware of the bylaws and how to follow them.

Non-profit bylaws will vary depending on the needs of the company. They may revolve around many aspects of the business, including grant funding, the board of directors, meeting minutes, filing practices, and more. Organizations can focus on different areas depending on their specialization and areas of interest. All bylaws must comply with all federal and state laws as well. 

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Non-Profit Bylaws

Non-profit bylaws are put into written form. Depending on the laws of your state, you may need to put a copy of your non-profit bylaws on file with the Secretary of State. Non-profit bylaws are the regulations that you will use to operate your non-profit.

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Special Power of Attorney

A Special Power of Attorney document sets out the wishes and directions for one or more 'Agents', 'Attorneys-in-fact' or 'Attorneys' to take decisions on behalf of a named 'Principal'. It covers: • The term or length of the delegated power(s), i.e. fixed or periodic • The amount and frequency of specified activities needing to be carried out • Financial, business or domestic arrangement details • Who is responsible for specified activities and to what extent they have authority to act on the Principal's behalf • Other details

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Articles of Incorporation

Articles of incorporation is a document used to establish the identity of a corporation. In some states, articles of incorporation are known as certificates of formation. You should check with your Secretary of State to find out if you are required to legally file your articles of incorporation with their agency.

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Balance Sheet

The purpose of a balance sheet is to provide a snapshot of a business' financial stability. A balance sheet lists capital, assets, and liabilities.

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