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A cover letter is a document sent along with a resume during the job search process. In it, the applicant explains their qualifications and how they can fulfill the job requirements of the position in which they're interested. Using a cover letter template is important because it helps job applicants continue their job search without writing a brand new cover letter for every position.

The Importance Of A Great Cover Letter

Cover letters are an important part of the job application process. They serve as an introduction to the hiring manager and briefly outline your interest in the position. The right cover letter can help you land your dream job, so it needs to be professional. Our cover letter preparation tool can help you create the best cover letter for your job hunt.

Our cover letter template helps you get started by having an appropriate letter already written out for you. All you need to do is fill in the blanks with your information, the information about the company you are applying to, and more. It is also flexible, so if you want to create your own letter, that option is available. There are three different design layouts available as well, so you can choose one that reflects your own style.

When you are finished creating your cover letter, you can decide how you want to receive the file. For in-person applications, print out a copy and keep it with your resume. For online applications, you can email your cover letter directly. You can also save your created letter to your hard drive as a document or PDF file for future use. 

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Sample Cover Letter


Sample Cover Letter

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