DA 5500 Form

A fillable DA 5500 form is used by the US Army when someone wishes to become a soldier. Also known as a Body Fat Content Worksheet, the form is used to record the potential soldier's body fat percentage. This is important because the US Army has certain standards that must be met by those who wish to join the US Army. In addition to recording the person's body fat percentage, it also documents the potential recruit's height and weight.

What is a Da 5500?

The DA 5500 Form is used by the Department of the Army. In order for someone to join the military, they need to meet certain physical requirements. The Department of the Army will check an interested party's body fat percentage to see if they are eligible for enlisting in or remaining in the military. This form, known as the Body Fat Content Worksheet, records the person's measurements and calculates their body fat percentage.
The measures will include the measures of the neck and the abdomen. Each measurement is taken three times for accuracy, and the average of these numbers is used. The sheet will also ask for the interested person's height and weight. If they are currently enlisted, the form should also include their rank in the Army.

How to complete a Da 5500 (Step by Step)

To properly complete a DA 5500 form, you will need to provide:

  • Name (Last, First, Middle initial)
  • Social security number
  • Rank
  • Height to nearest 0.50 inch
  • Weight to the nearest pound
  • Age
  • Measurements of abdomen at the level of the naval, round down to the nearest 0.50 inch, repeat three times
  • Measurements of neck just below level of larynx, round up to nearest 0.50 inch, repeat three times
  • Average abdominal circumference
  • Average neck circumference
  • Circumference value (abdominal circumference - neck circumference)
  • Height
  • Find circumference value and height in figure B-5 (Percent Fat Estimation for Men), body fat percentage is the value that intercepts with the circumference value and height
  • Remarks
  • Indicate if: individual is in compliance with Army Standards, is not in compliance with standards, or recommended monthly weight loss is 3-8 pounds
  • Signature and rank of the person who prepared the form, date form filled out
  • Printed name, signature, rank of supervisor, date form signed

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Sample DA 5500 Form


Sample DA 5500 Form

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