Da Form 2 1

A fillable DA Form 2-1 is used by the US Army. It is also referred to as a Personnel Qualification Record. This document is used to record information about each US Army soldier. Information held in this document includes, but may not be limited to, deployments, awards, honors, and job service. In short, a follable DA Form 2-1 is similar to a civilian employee file.

What is a Da form 2 1?

This form will be used by the United States Department of the Army. The DA Form 2-1 is also known as a Personnel Qualification Record. It will be used to keep track of a U.S. Army soldier’s information and records, such as overseas service, awards and honors, or job details.
This form is important as a member of the Army can have many different titles and positions throughout their military career. They may also serve in many different places and participate in active duty tours. This form will ensure that the records of this soldier are kept up-to-date.
This form will be updated with any changes to the member’s education, training, and assignments. Personal family information may also be included on this form. This will allow the Army to know whether or not the enlisted individual has a spouse or children.

How to complete a Da form 2 1 (Step by Step)

A Personnel Qualification Record should contain the following information:
Section I - Identification Data

  • Name
  • Social security number

Section II - Classification and Assignment Data

  • MOS evaluation scores (MOSC, year and month, score)
  • Assignment considerations
  • Overseas service (dates, area and country, MO, type, NTC, DEPN ARR OS)
  • Military occupational specialties (MOSC, title, date)
  • Aviation ASI & gunnery qualification (aircraft, instr. Pilot, gunnery system)
  • Aptitude area scores (area, score)
  • Awards, decorations & campaigns
  • Other tests
  • American board certification & licenses or certificates held
  • Language proficiency
  • Pilot ratings
  • Flying status
  • Instrument certification
  • Internships, residencies, and fellowships
  • Hospital teaching appointments and private practice
  • Civilian education and military schools background

Section III - Service, Training and Other Dates

  • Appointments and reductions
  • Specialized training
  • Basic enlisted service date
  • Time lost

Section IV - Personal and Family Data

  • Physical status (height, weight, glasses, date of exam)
  • Place of birth and citizenship of self and spouse
  • Number of dependents
  • Home of record/address
  • Civilian occupation (job title, DOT code, critical occupation, number of months employed, MOSC, duties performed, employer)

Section V - Miscellaneous

  • Remarks
  • Date DA Form 20B or DA Form 2-2 prepared
  • Date duplicate DA Form 2-1 submitted
  • Item continuation

Section VI - Reserve Component Data

  • Ready reserve obligation expiration date
  • Ready reserve start date
  • Service obligation expiration date
  • Mandatory removal from active status
  • Retirement year ending date
  • Date prepared and reviewed
  • Signature

Section VII - Current and Previous Assignments

  • Effective date
  • Duty MOSC
  • Principal duty
  • Organization station or oversea country
  • Non-duty days
  • Non-rated days
  • Type report

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Sample Da Form 2 1

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