Da Form 3349

A fillable DA 3349 Form is used to document the physical fitness and capabilities of a US Army soldier. The purpose of the form is to record whether the abilities of the soldier. It includes the soldier's ability to finish a two-mile run and push-ups. The form is used to determine the type of job that a solider can performed related to their physical abilities.

What is a DA Form 3349?

A DA Form 3349 will be used by the United States Department of the Army. It is known as a Physical Profile form and it will be used as a way to keep a record of a soldier’s physical profile. This includes their physical fitness level and their physical capabilities.
The form includes a list of physical activities that a soldier will be likely to encounter during their service. The person filling out the form must list whether or not the individual is capable of performing this task. The form will also include physical testing activities as well, such as the 2 mile run and push up test. The soldier’s ability to complete these fitness tests must be noted.
A DA Form 3349 is used to ensure that all members of the Armed Forces are healthy enough for service. The physical profile will help soldiers to have an appropriate job and be assigned according to their physical ability.

How to complete a Da Form 3349 (Step by Step)

To complete a DA Form 3349, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Medical condition, injury, or illness/disease
  • Codes
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Profile type
    • Temporary
    • Permanent
    • If permanent with 3 or 4 pulhes, does the soldier meet retention standards IAW Chapter 3 AR 40-501
  • Functional abilities for permanent or temporary profiles
    • Able to carry and fire assigned weapon
    • Able to move with a fighting load for at least 2 miles
    • Able to wear a protective mask and all chemical defense equipment
    • Able to construct an individual fighting position
    • Able to do 3-5 second rushes under direct and indirect fire
    • Healthy without any medical condition that prevents deployment
  • APFT
    • 2 mile run
    • Sit ups
    • Push ups
  • Alternative APFT
    • Walk
    • Swim
    • Bike
  • Standard or modified aerobic conditioning activities
    • Unlimited running
    • Unlimited walking
    • Unlimited biking
    • Unlimited swimming
    • Or run at own pace & distance
    • Or walk at own pace & distance
    • Or bike at own pace & distance
    • Or swim at own pace & distance
  • Upper body weight training
  • Lower body weight training
  • Other functional limitations or comments
  • Optional lifting or carrying max weight or distance, running maximum distance, prolonged standing time, marching with standard field gear except rucksack max distance, impact activities such as jumping max # reps in one day
  • Type name & grade of profiling officer
  • Signature
  • Date
  • Action by approving authority: approved or not approved
  • Type name & grade of senior profiling officer or approving authority
  • Signature and date
  • Action by unit commander
  • Whether profile requires a change in  soldier’s MOS or duty assignment
  • Comment
  • Type name & grade of unit commander, signature and date
  • Patient’s identification
  • Unit
  • Issuing clinic, provider email and phone number


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    Sample Da Form 3349

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