Dd Form 1750

A DD 1750 Form is used as a packing list by the US Department of Defense (DOD). It documents the number of boxes sent, the contents in each box, the date the boxes were sent, and an order number. A DD 1750 Form can be longer than one page. It is important that if the form is multiple pages that each page is in the right order. It can be helpful to write a page number on each page or to write something similar to "Page 1 of 6."

What is a DD Form 1750?

The DD Form 1750 is a Department of Defense form.  It is a packing list form used for keeping track of certain items.  It requires a lot of information in order to be accurate and complete. 
The information that is required for the DD Form 1750 includes the number of boxes, the contents of the boxes, the date, and the order number.  The packing list can have multiple pages of information depending on the number of goods that needs to be listed.  To ensure you keep the pages in order, write on the form the page number and how many pages there are total.
Since this form can be long and detailed, it can be helpful to get legal counsel to assist you with this packing list.  This will ensure you end up with a detailed DD Form 1750 that includes all the necessary information.

How to complete a DD Form 1750 (Step by Step)

To complete a DD Form 1750, you must provide the following information:

  • Packed by
  • Number of boxes
  • Requisition number
  • Order number
  • End item
  • Date
  • Page ___ of ___ Pages
  • For each item
    • Box number
    • Contents - stock number and nomenclature
    • Quantities required
      • Unit of issue initial operation
      • Running spares
      • Total
  • Certification that items listed are within the specified boxes
    • Name and title
    • Signature

Sample Dd Form 1750


Sample Dd Form 1750

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