Dd Form 1970

A DD 1970 Form is used by the Department of Defense (DOD) to keep track of the use of a vehicle owned by the federal government. This document is also known as the Motor Equipment Utilization Record. Once completed, it is kept with other official records. This form documents information such as the mileage listed when the individual took possession of the vehicle, the return mileage, when the vehicle was acquired, and when it was returned. The document must be signed by the dispatcher as well as the person who will operate the motor vehicle.

What is a DD Form 1970?

A DD Form 1970 is also known as a Motor Equipment Utilization Record. This form is used by the Department of Defense. The form is used to keep track of who has used a motor vehicle that belongs to the government. It will be kept in official records.
The form will require that the person operating the motor vehicle list their name and sign the form. They will also need to list the time they took the motor vehicle and the time they returned it. The original mileage will be listed as well as the mileage after the return trip, so reviewers will know how far the vehicle traveled. Finally, the vehicle dispatcher must also verify this record and sign the form as well.

How to complete a DD Form 1970 (Step by Step)

To complete a DD Form 1970, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Date
  • Type of equipment
  • Registration number/serial number
  • Administration number
  • Organization name
  • Fuel
  • Oil
  • Action - for each operator
    • Name
    • Signature
    • Time in/out/total
    • Miles in/out/total
    • Hours in/out/total
    • Report to
    • Dispatcher’s signature
  • Destination
    • From
    • To    
    • Time of arrival
    • Time of departure
    • Released by - person in charge of equipment on dispatch will release by signing on line indicating the destination where the equipment was released to the operator
    • Remarks - used by operator to record unusual operation or abnormal circumstances during operation, or other information as directed

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Sample Dd Form 1970


Sample Dd Form 1970

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