Employee Evaluation Form

An employee evaluation template is a reusable form that enables employers to quickly and easily get through the employee evaluation process. Since it is a template, businesses can use this form over and over again. This form is also known as a performance evaluation form and an employee review form. A copy of the completed evaluation should be kept in the employee's permanent file.

What is an employee evaluation form?

A Performance Evaluation Form is used by companies and businesses. It allows them to evaluate employee's performance. This includes any employee from a salaried manager to an hourly maintenance worker. These forms may be used to help identify a struggling employee or to acknowledge an employee who is excelling.

The form will list the information about the employee, and usually their supervisor as well. A Job Performance Evaluation Form will grade the employee on a variety of different attributes, such as punctuality or work ethic. These factors will be used to determine how well the employee is doing at their current job position. This information could affect the employee's current pay or it could help an employee get extra assistance with their job.

Other names

  • Performance evaluation form
  • Employee review form
  • Employee performance review form
  • Employee performance evaluation form
  • Performance assessment
  • Performance appraisal form

When/why should you use an employee evaluation form?

An employee evaluation form should be used to:

  • Keep records of important incidents
  • Document employee strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for growth
  • Maintain a paper trail for any disciplinary action taken
  • Create a development plan template for employee career development
  • Organize feedback for an annual performance review

Components of an employee evaluation form

There is no set formula that indicates exactly what you should include in an employee evaluation form.  Many of the things that you should include will be dependent on the employee’s role within your organization.  You will be able to find sample employee performance review templates online.

If you’re creating your own employee evaluation form, you should consider including the following components:

  • Basic information about employee
  • Information about reviewing manager
  • Time period that evaluation covers
  • Date of evaluation
  • Job title
  • Rating system
  • Specific, measurable goals
  • Room for the employee to give self-evaluation
  • Comments

Legal Considerations

Who should fill it out?

The evaluation form should be filled out by whoever will be conducting the employee’s evaluation.  This helps to prevent misinterpretation and confusion and gives the employee the opportunity to ask questions to understand why they received a specific rating.  In some organizations, the person who fills out the evaluation form will be a human resources manager. In other companies, the employee’s direct supervisor or department head will fill out the form.

Should I share employee evaluation forms with the employee?

Every company must decide for itself whether it will share evaluation forms with employees.  Whatever, the company policy is, it should be consistent across the board. (If you share evaluations with one employee, you should share evaluations with all your employees.)

You can choose to not share evaluations, share only specific parts of evaluations, or share full copies of the form.  One thing to keep in mind is that if you give employees copies of their forms, they may share those forms with their co-workers.  Do not share forms that include information that you’d like to be kept confidential, such as salary information.

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Sample Employee Evaluation Form

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