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An employment confirmation offer letter is a letter that confirms an employment opportunity for an employee.

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Sample Employment Offer Letter

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Employment Offer Letter: What Is It?

An employment confirmation offer letter is a letter that confirms an employment opportunity for an employee. This letter should include information about the employer, the employee, the job title and duties, and salary and benefit information.

The letter should include any information that is available about the position with the company. This will ensure that the job offer will be on record. It will also help the potential employee to review the job before they accept it.

An offer letter is a formal letter that will legally offer a position to the job applicant. It should be written in a professional manner. Look over your letter before sending it or get advice from legal counsel to ensure your letter is written properly.

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Contents of an Employment Offer Letter

contents of an employment offer letter

After a long and arduous job hunt, one is overjoyed to be rewarded with an employment offer letter. But how is one of these letters structured? Human resource professionals know how important such a document is and have a few guidelines. You can find a free employment offer letter template online from a variety of sources. Below are the major components.

Company Info

The first thing is the name and contact information of the company. Employment offer letter templates will vary in the placement, but all contain this information. The date of the offer is the next element to think about, this is the date the offer was made, the start time will be mentioned below. After all this information about the employer comes information about the employee.

Position - The Specs

After all this basic information, the employment offer letter template moves to discussing the position . This includes a job description, anticipated start date, and job location. This part also includes compensation: salary and, if applicable, commission and bonuses. If the job requires out of office expenses, any free Employment Offer Letter template will suggest to discuss the employee reimbursement expense policy, including cost per mile, per night, and per meal - which may even include a set number of drinks.


Finally the general benefits provided are discussed. The Employment Offer Letter template goes on to discuss healthcare, dental, and vision. This part will also discuss paid vacations, sick days, and other related policies.


Whether it's a customized form or a free employment offer letter template, every employment offer letter form ends the same way - an acceptance section where the prospective employee can accept the employment offer.

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Employment Offer Letter

An employment offer letter is sent from a business to a potential employee. The purpose of the letter is to offer the potential employee a position with their company. An employment offer letter should include the title of the position, the name of the potential employee, the pay rate, and the start date.

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Employment Contract

An employment contract is often used by businesses with their key personnel. An employment contract explains the business relationship between the employer and employee. It also contains several provisions including salary for the employee.

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Employee Handbook

An employee handbook gives employees a way to get answers to their questions regarding how certain incidences should be handled in the workplace. Common topics found in an employee handbook include dress code, IT security, sick days, and the drug and alcohol policy of the company.

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Resignation Letter

A resignation letter is for employees who are giving notice of their intention to leave a job to their current employer. It may be brief, or contain details of term of employment, job roles, reasons for leaving or other personal information.

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