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What is a Model Release Form?

A model release form is a legal document used for photographs, videos, and other forms of art that involve using the actual image of or a representation of a person.

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What Is a Model Release Form?

A model release form is a legal document used for photographs, videos, and other forms of art that involve using the actual image of or a representation of a person. The person is referred to as a model. The model doesn't have to be a professional. Model is the term used to reference the person whose image is being used.

The purpose of a model release form is to document in writing that the model gives a photographer, videographer, or other person using their image full legal rights. With this form, the recipient of the rights can use that particular image in any way they'd like in the future for commercial purposes. Essentially, when the model signs the model release form template, they release their rights or interest in the image. It may be published, republished, edited, distributed, or changed in any way that the new owner of the image sees fit. The model also loses their right to privacy concerned with the specific image or images that are the subject of the consent form.

While the model is releasing their legal interest for the image, the form can be modified. The model can request certain provisions. If the model would like to retain the right to use the photo, that should be included in the form before it is signed. The model and the person wanting to use the image should seek legal advice before creating or signing the agreement. Legal advice is the only way you can know for sure if the document truly protects your best interest and doesn't take advantage of you.

Common reasons a photo release is used include street photography, a photo shoot with recognizable people, fashion /business purposes, marketing materials, product advertising, and public-service advertisements.

Other names

A model release form is sometimes referred to as a model release agreement. There are many free model releases available online. Make sure that you know the applicable laws in your state.

How to Fill Out a Model Release Template

Before you fill out a this release form, make sure that you know the laws in your state. All states have laws that cover the use of another person's image. If you don't follow the law, you may not actually own the rights to the image. If the model is a minor, there are state and federal laws that must be followed. You can find information on a minor's rights to their image by reviewing 18 USC Section 2252.

Once you understand the laws, you're ready to prepare the release. You should include identifying information. This includes your legal name (and stage or artist name if it is different from your legal name) and any studio that you may be affiliated with that may use the image. You should have the full legal model's name as well as any stage name they use. You should include the addresses and phone numbers for both parties. You should include identifying information about the photo or photos, including the date and location where the images were taken.

A model release form should be signed by both the artist and the model. If the model is under 18, the form must also be signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Legal Considerations

Remember to check the laws in your state related to the use of the image of another person. Your form must comply with state law. If your model is a minor, remember that you'll also need to comply with federal law. This document should be in writing and it should be signed by all of the parties involved (including a parent or guardian for minors). Once it is signed, make sure that each party receives a copy of the executed document.