OF-612 Form

An OF-612 is a form used by the federal government during the hiring process. It is considered a supplemental form for certain positions. Depending on the federal agency, completing this form may be mandatory while other agencies may have its completing as optional. Generally, the OF-612 is used for entry level job openings.

What is a OF 612?

An OF 612 form is related to the federal government, and it has been used to supplement regular applications for a federal employment position. This form is considered to be optional, but it can provide a federal agency with more information about the applicant. Some positions may require this form.
The optional application can be submitted with or without a resume and any other employment information requested by the agency. The OF 612 form requires very little information, so it may be a good choice for a job applicant without a lot of experience or employment history. It is typically used for entry level positions.

How to complete a OF 612  (Step by Step)

To complete an OF 612, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Section A - Applicant Information
    • Job title in announcement
    • Grades applying for
    • Announcement number
    • Name
    • Social security number
    • Mailing address
    • Phone numbers
    • Email address
  • Section B - Work Experience
    • Job title
    • Dates of employment
    • Salary
    • Hours per week
    • Employer’s name and address
    • Supervisor’s name and phone number
    • Authorization to contact current supervisor
    • Duties and accomplishments
  • Section C - Additional Work Experience
  • Section D - Education
    • Last high school name and address
    • Highest level achieved
    • Colleges and universities attended
      • Name
      • Address
      • Total credits earned
      • Major
      • Any degree received
  • Section E - Other Qualifications
    • Job-related training courses, skills, certificates, and licenses
  • Section F - General
    • Whether you a U.S. citizen
    • Whether you claim veterans’ preference
    • Whether you were ever a federal civilian employee
    • Whether you are eligible for reinstatement based on career or career-conditional federal status
  • Section G - Applicant Certification
    • Signature
    • Date 

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Sample OF-612 Form


Sample OF-612 Form

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