Schedule C Form 1040

A Schedule C Form is a supplemental form that is sent with a 1040 when someone is a sole proprietor. Known as a Profit or Loss From Business form, it is used to provide information about both the profit and the loss sustained in business by the sole proprietor. This form includes information about income for the business and its various expenses. It helps you calculate the federal tax you owe because of your business activities.

What is a 1040 Schedule C?

A Schedule C is a supplemental form that will be used with a Form 1040. This form is known as a Profit or Loss from Business form. It is used by the United States Internal Revenue Service for tax filing and reporting purposes. This form must be completed by a sole proprietor who operated a business during the tax year.
This form will need information that demonstrates the profits and losses from the business. This will include income from sales and returns and losses from expenses such as advertising, vehicles, rent, wages, utilities, and more. This information must be included with the income tax return so that the appropriate amount of taxes owed or taxes refunded by the Internal Revenue Service can be calculated accurately.

Most Common Uses

Schedule C is commonly used to report income or loss from a sole proprietorship or single-member LLC.  You should file a Schedule C if the primary purpose of your business is to generate profit and you are regularly involved in your business’s activities.

Components of a 1040 Schedule C

A 1040 Schedule C contains sections for:

  • Personal Information
  • Income
  • Expenses
  • Costs of Goods Sold
  • Information on Your Vehicle
  • Other Expenses

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Sample Schedule C Form 1040


Sample Schedule C Form 1040

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