Cbp Form 7512

The CBP Form 7512 is better known as the Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods form. This is a form used by customs to determine the nature of the goods being brought into the United States via transport. The form requires information about the types of goods as well as where the goods are coming from. This form is generally completed by the individual or business importing the goods.

What is a CBP Form 7512?

A CBP 7512 form will be used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection branch. This particular customs form is known as the Transportation Entry and Manifest of Goods form. It will be used when someone is transporting goods to the United States.  
This form is typically used at ports of entry that are receiving shipped goods. You will need to list the port of entry on this form, as well as where the goods were exported from. Dates that the goods left the previous country and arrived in the United States are required. A detailed list of goods and merchandise will need to be included for safety reasons. This form will have detailed instructions to help you ensure it is filled out completely.

Most Common Uses

Customs Form CF 7512 is typically used by importers to declare goods and merchandise that they are bringing into the United States for immediate transportation without appraisal, an entry for transportation and exportation, or an entry for immediate exportation.
The Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) requires importers to use this form so it can track in-bond shipments from origin to destination.

Components of a Form 7512

A Form 7512 contains space to indicate information about the destination port, vessel, consignee, foreign ports, import and export dates, merchandise being imported, record of cartage or lighterage, certificates of transfer, and the inspection.

You should consult a CBP Officer or CBP Regulations to determine the appropriate number of copies that are needed for entry, withdrawal, or manifest purposes.
The Paperwork Reduction Act requires the CBP to state that it is asking for the information in order to carry out customs regulations.
If you are correcting or amending a previously file CF 7512, you must fill out a new CF 7512 that is annotated "AMENDMENT," has the same in-bond serial number as the original, and highlights the requested changes.  The amended CF 7512 must be accompanied by a request on letterhead from the party that created the original documents that describes the corrections.  It must be submitted with documentary evidence to substantiate the change such as a bill of lading, air waybill, or invoice.

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Sample Cbp Form 7512


Sample Cbp Form 7512

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