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A college recommendation letter is a letter written by a school teacher, headmaster or private tutor to support their student's application to join a specific college course.

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Sample College Letter of Recommendation

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Alternate Names:

  • Recommendation Letter For College Applicants
  • Recommendation Letter For Students Applying To Further Education College

What is a College Letter of Recommendation?

A College Recommendation Letter is a letter written by a school teacher, headmaster or private tutor to support their student's application to join a specific college course. The letter includes details about the person writing the letter and the student being written about.

The Letter also covers:

  • Specific references to the student's proven intellectual abilities, including exam success
  • A student's potential for academic success based on experience of the student
  • Descriptions of academic strengths, or practical aptitudes and skills demonstrated in class
  • References to relevant personal qualities and skills e.g. in after school club activities
  • Detail of specific examples of work undertaken that pertain to their desired course of study
  • Use descriptive terms and powerful terms to bolster your case
  • References to your student's academic, professional
  • References to life goals of the student where appropriate and relevant
  • Summary of the student in the round

Both the tutor and the college should keep a copy of the signed letter for their records.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I tell teachers / tutors all of the colleges I am applying to and should they make any reference to the particular college being applied to in their recommendation?

    • It is best to send all of the forms you wish them to add their reference letter to with an SAE. This allows them to be better organised. Making mention of other colleges you intend to apply to could work against you. However, citing specific reasons why you are a good match for the college they are writing to will potentially help your application.

  2. Am I allowed to check my teacher's / tutor's letter of recommendation for college?

    • As a rule, no. A recommendation should be a true reflection of their view of you. Students may be obliged to sign a waiver to this effect. If a referee feels they cannot write a supportive letter on a student's behalf, they will not do so. To give student's the best chance of getting a good reference, they should approach two teachers well in advance of applications. Talking to them early on and offering them a resume to give the teacher more background on your professional and life goals, personal interests, activities, academic focus and college plans helps to bolster what is written about you with relevant examples of your skills, knowledge, capabilities and ambitions.

  3. How important is a college letter of recommendation?

    • Courses studied, tests and grades mostly impact college admissions decisions. More information is sought about you via your essays, extracurricular activities, work experience, your interview, as well as recommendations. Where competition is tight for places, a thorough review of you as an applicant means recommendations will matter more.

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College Letter of Recommendation

A College Recommendation Letter is a letter written by a teacher, senior educational staff, or a private tutor. It supports their student's application to join a college course.

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