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A DS 11 form is related to passports.

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DS 11 Form: What Is It?

A DS 11 form is related to passports. It is used by the United States Department of State. This form is a passport application, and should be used by people who are applying for a passport for the first time. Other people who may use this form are people who have only had a password issued before the age of 16, people whose passport was lost or stolen, and people who had a passport issued over 15 years ago.

Additional documentation will be required when you apply for a passport. In addition to this completed form, applicants will need identification documents, such as their birth certificate, social security card, or driver's license.

Applying for a passport is not free. There will be a fee to process the application. Applicants will always need to submit an appropriate photograph for their passport, or they will need to have one taken.

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Contents of a DS-11

contents of a ds-11

If you ever want to travel - and most people do - you'll need a passport. How do you get a passport, you ask? The same way you acquire any kind of personal power - you pay a fee and fill out a tedious government form.

The DS-11 form, despite its obscure-sounding name, is a relatively simple document. It is the form people fill out in order to apply for a US passport. It's not a long form, but it's not exactly confusion-free. DS-11's are full of confusing little sections. To make the process of acquiring your passport as simple as possible, we've broken down the form's components below and provided you with a basic DS-11 template.  

General Information

The first thing a DS-11 form will ask you for is general information . This includes your full legal name, mailing address, contact information, sex, social security number, and place of birth. You will also be required to list any other names you have gone by, such as publicly recognized nicknames or maiden names.

Information About Identifying Documents

You will need to provide a couple identifying documents in order to obtain your passport. The second section on the DS-11 is where you give the details of said documents. These documents might include a driver's license, a state ID, a previous passport, or a military ID. You will need to sign the bottom of this section to affirm that the documents provided are valid to the full extent of your knowledge.

Applicant Information

Here is where the DS-11 might start to feel a bit redundant. If you are filling out the application for a child, you will write your child's name on the "Applicant Name" line. If you are applying for yourself, write your own. You'll need to provide some personal physical details , such as hair color, eye color, and height. It will also ask you for information about your parents and whether or not you are or ever have been married. You'll also need to provide your permanent address, if it differs from your mailing address, and jot down a bit of information about your travel plans. Lastly, this section requires that you provide info about your last passport or passport card. In some cases, you may be submitting an old passport with your application. In others, your passport may have been lost or stolen. This is important information for the powers that be, as a lost or stolen passport can be a liability.

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