Form Llc 12

Form LLC-12, Statement of Information, is used in the State of California by LLCs after they complete form LLC-1. After the LLC-1 is filed, the business has 90 days to file their first LLC-12. After that, this form must be resubmitted every two years. This form is used to report certain information about the business, such as its addresses, the name of the CEO, and the name of managing partners.

What is an LLC 12?

This form is used by the state of California for recording information related to limited liability companies, or LLCs. This form is known as a Statement of Information and should be filed after an LLC completes a form LLC-1. After filing the LLC-1 document, companies have 90 days to complete and file a Form LLC-12. After this, the form is filed every two years.
This form will require the name of the limited liability company, their file number, and their location in the state of California. If the information hasn’t changed since the last time you filed a Form LLC-12, you can check the box to complete the form. Otherwise, list the information for your company, including address, CEO, managers, and more

Most Common Uses

Form LLC-12 is commonly used to help the state of California track changes in addresses, agents, managers, and members of Limited Liability Companies.  The form, which was formerly called LLC-12R, is also known as the Statement of Information or SOI, form.

Components of a LLC 12

An LLC-12 contains the following sections:

  • Company information
  • Business addresses
  • Manager(s) or member(s) information
  • Service of process
  • Type of business
  • Chief executive officer
  • Signature

Filing an LLC 12

Any authorized company member can file the form.  You can submit Form LLC-12 to the California Secretary of State online or fill out a paper form and mail it to the Secretary of State.

Companies who have more than one manager or member should attach the details of additional managers and members to their LLC-12 forms using the Attachment to Statement of Information of Form LLC-12A.

All LLCs are required to file form LLC-12 within 90 days of filing the Articles or Organization or Application for Registration and every two years thereafter.  Companies must file the form at the due date whether the company is actively conducting business or not.

If an LLC misses its filing deadline, there will be a $250 fine for late filing.

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Sample Form Llc 12


Sample Form Llc 12

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