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A Form SSA 454-BK is known as a Continuing Disability Review Report.

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Form Ssa 454 Bk: What Is It?

A Form SSA 454-BK is known as a Continuing Disability Review Report. This form will be used by the Social Security Administration to re-evaluate someone who is receiving social security disability benefits. The SSA will send you this form if they believe that your medical condition has improved. This form will require updated information about your conditions, and it may ask for more information from your medical professionals.

Be sure to include as much information as possible in order to keep your benefits. You will need to include information about any doctor’s visits or hospitalizations you’ve had since the last Social Security Administration check. Include the names of these doctors and hospitals so that the SSA can double check the information you provided with the provider.

You will also need to include your medications. The Social Security Administration will need to verify that you are taking all your recommended medications prescribed by a doctor. This helps them ensure that you are proactive about your health. 

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