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This form is used by the Social Security Administration.

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Form Ssa 632 Bk: What Is It?

This form is used by the Social Security Administration. The Form SSA 632-BK will be a Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery or Change in Repayment Rate. This form will be filed by someone who owes the Social Security Administration money due to an overpayment. This form will allow you to either request the SSA reconsider the overpayment, waive the payment, or request a different rate.

You will need to include the reason why you want to change or waive the overpayment amount. You will also need to include your financial information. This will allow the Social Security Administration to determine whether or not it is reasonable to ask that you repay them. Make sure you know how much you pay for rent or your mortgage, utility bills, and other expenses. Including these can help the SSA make an informed decision.

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