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A job description template is an easy to use document that businesses can reuse to document what takes place in various jobs. The job description template includes room for the job title, a general job description, major responsibilities, minor responsibilities, qualifications someone needs to successfully complete the job, and key competencies to successfully complete the job. This document can provide both the business and its applicants or employees with an easy to understand overview of a specific job.

What is a Job Description Template?

A Job Description Template is used to create a description for an employment opportunity at a business or organization. This template will help you create an organized description of each position that your company has available.  Job description templates are an important part of attracting the best talent to your company. The template should help you create job descriptions that capture the company culture and also summarize the duties of the position that you are hoping to fill.

A job description template is useful in helping you remember the important details that you need to include in each job description.  The description should list the name of the employer as well as the contact information for the job posting. Information such as essential job duties, education or experience requirements, preferred skills, and salary should be included. This template will ensure that this information is organized in an easy to read manner. In order to appear professional, every job description should be proofread carefully for quality assurance.

The best job description templates are versatile - you will be able to use them for any position: store manager, truck driver, software engineer, office manager, administrative assistant, marketing director, business development manager, accounts payable clerk, case manager, customer service representative, legal secretary, medical assistant, occupational therapist, pharmaceutical sales representative, project coordinator, mechanical engineer, data entry clerk, executive assistant, call center representative, social worker, accounting manager, training manager, product manager, project engineer, operations manager, registered nurse.

Components of a job description template

  • Job Title
    • Describes the rank of the person you are looking to hire.
  • Reports To
    • Position title or title that this position reports to.
  • Job Details
    • Job basics, such as payscale, projected hours.
  • Job Overview
    • This can be one or two sentences. It describes the function of the position in the grand scheme of things. For example - The Cafe Manager is responsible for training, overseeing and disciplining all members of cafe staff, as well as ensuring maintaining a functional, smooth-running workplace.
  • General Requirements
    • Here, list qualifications the applicant must possess in order to be considered. This should include the required level of schooling, basic physical requirements (such as the ability to lift up to 50 pounds), and special skills or training.
  • Special Requirements
    • If the job in question involves unusual working conditions, such as if a warehouse worker will be required to do extremely heavy lifting or be exposed to extreme temperatures, this information should be provided under the header “Special Requirements.”
  • Overview of Duties/Responsibilities
    • This is the lengthiest section of the job description. You should only list tasks that comprise the majority of the job. Tasks should be listed in order of importance/time-consumption. For example - - Daily management of employees, Coordinating inventory, ordering and stocking.

Sample job description

Job Title: Associate Analyst

Reports To: The Associate Analyst will report to the Senior Financial Analyst.

Job Details: Full-time position in our Phoenix, Arizona office

Job Overview:  The Associate Analyst will help the Senior Financial Analyst to develop new strategies to enhance our company’s current business processes.  The Associate Analyst will be integral in developing business processes, market research, and database modeling.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • The Associate Analyst will work with the Senior Financial Analyst to develop new strategies to enhance our current business operations.
  • The Associate Analyst will develop business models and create time and money budgets for each new project.
  • The Associate Analyst will design workflows and select materials and manpower for projects.
  • The Associate Analyst will research, analyze, and make recommendations about new technologies that will contribute to the business while also reducing costs.
  • The Associate Analyst will work and contribute in a team-oriented and collaborative environment.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or Associate’s Degree with 2 or more years of relevant work experience.
  • Strong oral and written communications.
  • Strong analytical, problem solving, and organizational skills
  • Proficient in Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Ability to multi-task, work independently and as a team.

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