Passport Application Form

A passport application form is used by individuals who wish to apply for a United States passport. This form can be used to apply for a first-time passport, a replacement for an expired passport for a child younger than 16 years old, legal name change, or to replace a lost passport. In addition to completing this form, there are other steps you must take to ensure that your application is successfully processed.

What Is a Passport Application Form?

A new passport application form is a document used in the United States when someone in that country wishes to apply for a new U.S. passport, needs to replace an expired U.S. passport for a child under the age of 16 years, or when a passport is lost. This application was updated in 2013.

Other Names

  • DS 11 Application Form
  • DS-11 Form
  • Form DS-11

How to Apply for a Passport

To apply for a U.S. Passport, you’ll need to download a copy of the DS-11 Application Form. You may also be able to locate this form at the U.S. Post Office or another government office. However, you must meet some requirements if you wish to use this form. The U.S. Department of State also has an online application that you can complete. It will create a 2D barcoded application that is in PDF format for you to print. If possible, you should use a barcoded application because it’s the only type of passport applications that many acceptance agents will take.

Use this form if:

  • You’ve never had a U.S. passport.
  • You were under the age of 16 years when your last U.S. passport was issued.
  • Your most recent U.S. passport was issued to you more than 15 years ago.
  • Your U.S. passport was lost or stolen. - Note: you should also report a lost or stolen passport to prevent identity theft.
  • Your name has changed since you received your last U.S. passport and you cannot legally document your name change.

Note: Do not use this passport form if you are simply renewing an adult's passport.  For passport renewal, you would instead use Form DS-82 to renew your passport by mail.  If you are changing your name within one year, correcting a passport error, or replacing a limited validity passport within one or two years, you would use Form DS-5504 instead.

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