Form 1040-X

Form 1040-X is a special form used by taxpayers who need to amend their federal tax return. More specifically, it is used to amend a tax return from a previous year. An example of an amendment could be correcting a typo in the amount of money the taxpayer made during that year. For example, the original 1040 reported $5,000 when it should have reported $50,000. It is important to complete this form in its entirety before sending it to the Internal Revenue Service.

What is a 1040-X?

This form will be used by the United States Internal Revenue Service. A Form 1040-X is used for tax filing purposes. It will be used if you need to amend a tax form that you filed in a previous tax year. This could be used if you were married but did not file correctly or if you made a mistake on your tax filing forms in a prior tax year.
This form will require the exact information you used on the previous tax form. This includes the name you used, the tax ID number you used, how you filed, and the address you lived at. You will then need to recalculate the taxes for that year, using the information you want to change. Below this, you will need to describe the changes you made and why you made them before signing and dating the form.

Most Common Uses

The Form 1040X is commonly used to make amendments to your tax return that will change the way your tax is calculated, such as changes to filing status, number of dependents, or corrections to income credits or deductions.  The form is not used to correct math errors.

Components of a 1040-X

Form 1040X, or the Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return contains sections for:

  • Personal Information
  • Amended Return Filing Status
  • Income and Deductions
  • Tax Liability
  • Payments
  • Refund or Amount You Owe
  • Exemptions
  • Presidential Election Campaign Fund
  • Explanation of Changes
  • Signature
  • Paid Preparer Information

Legal Considerations

The IRS will only contact you through an official letter in the mail.  Beware any message via email, social media or text claiming to the IRS - these are all common scam techniques.

You must file Form 1040X within the three-year amendment time period.  If your change will affect your refund amount, you must file the form within three years from the date of your original tax return or within two years from the date of paying the tax amount, whichever is later.  If you filed your returns early, they will be considered filed on the official due date of the tax season.


You can use Form 1040X if you prepared your original tax return with Forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ, 1040EZ-T, 1040NR or 1040NR-EZ.  If you need to amend more than one tax return, you must file a separate Form 1040X for each year.

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