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This form is used for tax filing purposes.

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Form 1120 H: What Is It?

This form is used for tax filing purposes. It will be filed by a homeowner’s association and recorded by the Internal Revenue Service. The Form 1120-H is also known as an U.S. Income Tax Return for Homeowner’s Associations. Using this form instead of a standard tax return will allow a homeowner’s association to take advantage of several tax benefits.

Like other tax return forms, this form will require information about income and deductibles. This is so the amount of tax can be calculated, whether it will be owed taxes or a refund. For homeowner’s associations, financial information regarding repairs, rents, and other specific deductibles should be included. This will ensure an association can get as many tax breaks as possible.

This form must be submitted by the end of tax season in April. Otherwise, there may be tax penalties and delays. Get the forms in early for a quicker processing time, and ask for financial advice if the year’s income and deductibles were overly complicated.

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