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A land contract is an agreement also known as a contract for deed or land installment contract.

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Land Contract: What Is It?

A land contract is an agreement also known as a contract for deed or land installment contract. This contract is used in the purchase of real estate. In a land contract, the owner will retain the legal title to the property, so they are the legal owner. However, they will give the buyer permission to use the property for most purposes.

Land contracts are typically used by someone who is having trouble selling their home or by someone who is willing to buy a house but is unable to qualify for typical financing. Like most contracts, this document requires personal information from both parties. Information about the real estate will also be needed, including location, how much it will be rented for, and if there is a down payment or deposit.

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Land Contract

A land contract is a legal alternative to a traditional mortgage. With a land contract, the person purchasing the property will make payments to the seller until the sale price is paid.

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Affidavit of Small Estate

The purpose of an affidavit of small estate is to provide a sworn statement to the probate court that the person who died did not have many assets. When an affidavit of small estate is signed and filed with the court, it can reduce the amount of time it takes to finalize the estate.

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Quit Claim Deed

A quit claim deed includes two parties: the grantor and the grantee. The objective of a quit claim deed is to give the legal interest in property to the grantee. In some states, a quit claim deed must include whether the grantor is married or single.

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Property Deed

A property deed is used to give your interest in real estate to another person. Property deeds must contain certain elements. For instance, in some states the grantor of the property much include whether they are single or married. Once a property deed is compliant with your state law, it is placed on file with the county register.

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