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A scholarship recommendation letter is a letter written by a school teacher, headmaster, private tutor or employer. The letter supports an applicant's application for a specific scholarship program.

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Sample Scholarship Letter of Recommendation

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Alternate Names:

A Scholarship Letter of Recommendation is sometimes called a:

  • Recommendation Letter For Scholarship Application
  • Recommendation Letter For Scholarship Applicants
  • Scholarship Recommendation Letter

What is a Scholarship Letter of Recommendation?

A Scholarship Recommendation Letter is a letter written by a school teacher, headmaster, higher education tutor, private tutor, former colleague or employer. The letter supports an applicant's application for a specific scholarship program.

The letter includes details about the person writing the letter, their relationship to person being written about and the applicant themselves.

The Scholarship Letter of Recommendation also covers:

  • Specific references to the applicant's proven intellectual abilities, including exam successes
  • An applicant's potential for academic success based on the writer's experience of them
  • References to the applicant's past academic and / or professional performance
  • Descriptions of academic strengths, or practical aptitudes and skills demonstrated when working with them and scope for improvement and capacity for success in their studies, given their successful application
  • Detail of specific examples of work undertaken and results that pertain to the applicant's desired course of study
  • References to relevant personal qualities and skills they could bring to their studies, their work ethic and ability to work with others
  • Use of descriptive and powerful terms to bolster your support for their case
  • References to professional and life goals of the applicant where appropriate and relevant
  • Summary of the applicant in the round

Both the writer and the program provider should keep a copy of the signed letter of recommendation for scholarship for their records.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If my application is for a professional scholarship, who is best for providing a reference?

    • Find someone who knows you, such as teachers, private tutors, coaches, voluntary work co-ordinators, etc. Scholarship applications may specify people to ask for a reference from. Teachers, professors and tutors will know your academic capability. Coaches, counsellors or voluntary work supervisors may know your career potential. If they also know you on a more personal level, they can speak of your relevant personal qualities and attributes.

  2. Does every scholarship require a reference letter?

    • Not all scholarships require a reference letter. However, having reference letters in your portfolio means that you can use them for job applications in future!

  3. Do reference letters need to be recently obtained to be acceptable?

    • Recent reference letters hold greater authority, as skills, ability and potential changes over time. You want to give the scholarship administrator relevant background information.

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