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A transcript request form is used in the education field.

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What is a transcript request form?

A transcript request is used in the education field. It will be submitted by former or current students in order to request an official copy of their educational transcript. This transcript will show information about the student’s academics, including courses taken, grades, and GPA. An official transcript may be needed if a student is applying to a new school, transferring schools, or is applying for a job.

A transcript request will require identifying information about the student. This will include their full name, date of birth, and social security number or student ID number. The student will also need to list the dates when they attended the academic institution. Many colleges and universities will require that a fee is included with the form. This fee varies depending on the school, so be sure to check before sending in your request form.

When should you use it?


You should use this form if you are applying to a school or job that will require a copy of your official high school transcript or transcript from college or graduate school.

Components of a transcript request form

This document will include:

  • Personal information: name, date of birth, mailing address, phone number
  • Enrollment details: date of attendance and graduation
  • Where to send transcript
  • Amount and type of transcript: official transcripts are often sealed or stamped in some manner to prove authenticity, unofficial transcripts may cost less money
  • Social Security number
  • Payment

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