Will Amendment Form

A Will amendment is an official way to make an update or change to an existing will. This type of update is also referred to as a codicil. Before officially completing a will amendment, it is important to ensure that the amendment document being used follows state laws and regulations. Any type of change to a will can only be done if the testator is of sound mind. Once the amendment is completed, a witness and a notary public will have to testify to the document. Once complete, this amendment must be attached to the original will.

Will Amendment: What Is It?

A will amendment is used to update or make changes to an existing will and testament. This amendment may be referred to as a codicil. In order to officially change the will, you must first ensure you are using a document that follows state laws and regulations. A lawyer can assist someone in changing their will appropriately.

A will amendment can only be made if you are of sound body and mind, just like when creating your initial will. You will need to have witnesses and a notary to make the amendment official. This amendment must then be attached to the original will and stored in a safe location, such as a safety deposit box. Always keep both parts of the will together. 

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Sample Will Amendment

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