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What Is a Colorado Bill of Sale?

A Colorado bill of sale is a written record that documents the change in legal ownership of an item. In addition to being required to transfer the legal ownership through a state agency, a Colorado bill of sale is an important part of personal record keeping. It can be particularly valuable if there is a legal dispute over the item.

What Are Some Common Bills of Sale Used in Colorado?

In Colorado, the most common bills of sale that are used include a general bill of sale, a bill of sale for a motor vehicle, a bill of sale for a boat, and a bill of sale for a gun.

How Do I Write a Colorado Bill of Sale?

To write a Colorado bill of sale, including the following information:

  • The printed legal name of the buyer and seller
  • The date the bill of sale was created
  • A description of the item being sold
  • The amount of money the item was sold for
  • The signatures of both the buyer and seller

A Colorado bill of sale can be written in plain English without using legal jargon or archaic terms. The important part is simply to make sure the bill of sale includes the required elements. If you’re a party listed in the document, make sure that you keep more than one copy of the completed document.

Is a Colorado Bill of Sale Required to Register a Motor Vehicle?

Yes. A bill of sale is required during the titling process, which is required to register a vehicle. A bill of sale may be used as a document to help establish your ownership of a vehicle if you do not have the original title signed by the seller.  If you buy through a dealership, a secure bill of sale will be used.  If you purchase a vehicle from or sell a vehicle to another private party, the buyer needs a vehicle bill of sale.

Vehicles must be registered within 30 days of purchase. However, if you purchase the vehicle from a dealership, they will generally prepare all of the necessary documentation for the registration process. According to the Colorado Department of Revenue Division of Motor Vehicle (DMV)'s website, you need a VIN verification if the vehicle was titled in another state, a title in the owner's name or current out of state registration documents, verifiable ID, and proof of vehicle emissions, proof of insurance.

Is a Colorado Bill of Sale Form Required to Register a Boat?

No. A bill of sale can act as proof of ownership. Proof of ownership is required for you to register the boat. The registration process is completed through Colorado Parks & Wildlife. You will need to complete a Registration Application as well as be prepared to pay your registration fees.

Is a Bill of Sale Required to Register a Gun in Colorado?

No. In Colorado, there's no need to complete a formal registration process for a gun. However, a bill of sale for a gun is still a valuable personal record. In the event you sell a gun and then it is used in a crime, you would be able to show that you no longer owned the weapon at the time of the crime.

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