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What Is an Indiana Lease Agreement?

An Indiana lease agreement is a legal agreement between the landlord or property management company and the tenant(s) named. The tenant(s) promise to pay the listed amount of rent to use the property described. An Indiana lease agreement usually covers a set amount of time (such as a year) and also explains the duties and obligations of both the landlord and the tenant. An Indiana lease agreement should comply with Indiana state law.

Most Commonly Used Indiana Lease Agreement

The most commonly used Indiana lease agreements include:

  • A standard lease agreement (generally good for 12 months)
  • A month-to-month lease agreement
  • A lease to own agreement
  • A roommate agreement
  • A commercial lease agreement

How to Write a Standard Indiana Lease Agreement

To write a standard Indiana lease agreement you’ll include the following information:

  • The first paragraph should list the date the Indiana lease agreement is made, the legal name of the landlord and the tenant(s), and the address of both.
  • The second paragraph should be titled "Offer to Rent" and include the address, city, state, and zip code of the rental property. This paragraph should also include the start and end date of the lease agreement.
  • You’ll need to include the total dollar amount that will be paid in rent during the term of the lease. You should also break that down into the amount of rent that’s due each month, when it is due, and how rent should be paid.
  • Include any applicable information about prorated rent for the first month.
  • Include the amount of the security deposit that was paid.
  • Explain whether the landlord or tenant will be responsible for certain utilities or services.
  • Explain whether the landlord or the tenant is responsible for lawn care.
  • List the total number of people who will live on the premises.
  • Whether there are pets allowed. If so, if there is a pet deposit or pet restrictions.
  • An address for both the landlord and the tenant where each may receive notices.
  • An area for the signatures of the involved parties as well as the date the document was signed.

What Disclosures Must Be Made in an Indiana Lease Agreement?

Indiana lease agreements require two specific disclosures. Under state law, the landlord must disclose the name of the person or persons allowed onto the rental property for repairs or to deliver notices. Under federal law, rental units built prior to 1978 must have a lead based paint disclosure.

Also, landlords mustn’t enter the rental space for non-emergency reasons without giving the tenants proper notice.

What You Need to Know about Indiana Lease Agreement Deposits

There is no maximum amount set by law on security deposits. However, under state law, landlords must return the money to the tenant within 45 days after the end of the lease.

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