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What Is an Indiana Rental Application?

When a landlord wants to find a tenant for their vacant apartment or property, they will place an ad and use rental applications to verify the applicants’ worthiness. A rental application asks personal questions of a potential tenant that help give the landlord a better insight into who a person is, and how much of a responsible tenant they will be. In addition to a rental application asking personal questions like the applicant's full name and current address, the application will dig into more personal details like income, rental history, and any previous bankruptcies or evictions.

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The Indiana Rental Application Process

The Indiana rental application allows landlords to verify a prospective tenant's background information and credit history before signing a lease agreement. In Indiana, there is no maximum for an application fee; the landlord may ask for any amount and the fee is non-refundable.

Landlords in Indiana may also ask a prospective tenant any amount for a security deposit; there is no maximum.

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A Sample Indiana Rental Application with Examples for Each Step

The rental application should include the following sections:

  • Prospective Property including complete address, type of unit, square footage, and number of bedrooms/bathrooms
  • Personal Information about the Applicant including full name, any other name(s) used in the last ten years, date of birth, social security number, driver's license number or Indiana state ID, current address, phone number/cell phone number, and email address
  • Rental History for last three addresses/past five years, including current/previous address(es), name and phone number of landlord/manager, rent paid, how long they lived at the address, and reason for leaving
  • Employment History/Income for the past five years, including current/previous employer(s), address, position, dates of employment, supervisor name and phone number, salary/monthly income, other sources of income, monthly income, name, address, and phone number of provider, bank account(s), bank balance(s), and credit card accounts
  • Other Occupants/Roommates including full name and relationship to the prospective tenant
  • Personal References (not related to the applicant) including name, occupation, address, phone number, and how long known
  • Emergency Contact including name, address, phone number(s), and relationship to the prospective tenant
  • Vehicles including make/model, year, and license plate number/state
  • Pet Information if any; if there are any restrictions regarding pets on the property, they should be listed on the rental application, but a landlord may not discriminate against a prospective tenant who owns a service animal
  • Personal History including smoking status, prior evictions, prior bankruptcies, and prior criminal convictions
  • Dated Agreement and Authorized Signature including consent to a credit/criminal background check and the non-refundable application fee

Rental Application Resources for Tenants in Indiana

Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority   


Indiana Legal Services, Inc.       

Indianapolis Legal Aid Society                  

Tenant Assistant Project

Indiana Rental Application Laws

The State of Indiana does not have any laws that set a cap on security deposits. A landlord may demand any amount to secure the rental; however, setting the amount too high will deter potential rentals. However, the state does specify when to return the deposit to the renter. According to Indiana law, a security deposit must be returned to a tenant in no more than 45 days after the termination of the lease (Ind. Code Ann. §§ 32-31-3-9 to 32-31-3-19).

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